How much time to complete the orders?

All orders will start in 24 hours of the order. Youtube orders will take time to complete,( 1-5 days)

Can i cancel any order after placed ?

No, you cannot, orders are final, make sure you are placing correct links.

Can I change the link after order ?

No you cannot do that. If the link changed after the order place, the order automatically marked as completed.No refunds.

What happen if the link is private?

if the link is private before the order start, the order will be cancelled. if it make private after the order is done, order will be complete.

Can i have refunds for drop followers or likes?

No, Likes/followers will drop,Because of the updates in twitter/ instagram/ fb ./ youtube . Only refill will be available once the same service/ server available. Organic views, followers or likes will be neglected. No refunds for the payments.

Can i cancel a order that i gave?

No, orders are permanent, cannot be cancelled by admin.

Is there any referral system?

We offer the cheapest price in the world, so no referral systems